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At the Y, sports and recreational activities are something special. Friendly competition (even with yourself), lots of variety and a supportive environment means team sports and recreation is fun again, and it makes for a healthier lifestyle and a good story or two.

So many activities serve to restore our spirits and energy, get us outdoors or test our limits. And for many of us, they’re the foundation of active living and rewarding relationships. Many recreational activities are available at your Y, so it may be time for you to try something new.

Like all Y programs, sports and recreation is open to all, with financial assistance available.

The Santa Maria Valley YMCA offers 2 racquetball courts for your use.  Courts may be reserved by members one day in advance. Reservations will be forfeited if the member is not at the court within 10 minutes of the start time.  Eye-guards are required, and available at the front desk.
For real racquetball enthusiasts, a tournament is run twice a year (April & November) for members and non-members.  There are men’s and women’s divisions for both singles and doubles. 

The Santa Maria Valley YMCA offers 2 indoor ½ courts and 1 outdoor full court.  Stop in and shoot some hoops with your friends.  Basketballs are available at the front desk for the convenience of our members.

Gather your friends and family and come down to the Santa Maria Valley YMCA to play a game of volleyball on our outdoor court.  Volleyballs are available at the front desk for the convenience of our members.

Youth SwimLessons 
Youth Swim Lessons 
Youth Swim Conditioning
Adult Swim Conditioning
Rookie Sports 
Youth Soccer - Winter Registration
Adult Arena Soccer - Winter Schedule, Standings- Monday Men's B, Tuesday Coed, Wednesday Men's B, Thursday Women's, Friday Coed 35+
Water Aerobics  - February 22-28, March 1-8
Lap Swim - February 22-28, March 1-8
Recreational Swim - February 22-28, March 1-8
Deep Water Walking - February 22-28, March 1-8
Skate Park Schedule -  February 1-28, March 1-8


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