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With the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility as our guide, we work with you every day to help your children have fun while realizing their potential. With the Y, you can feel confident that all child and teen activities offer a safe, positive environment to learn, play and grow.

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3400 Skyway Drive, Santa Maria CA 93455, 805.937.8521

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Welcome to Santa Maria Valley YMCA

Your involvement here, whether it is as a volunteer, a new member, a program participant, a donor, a parent or in any other capacity, will change your life. There is something so profoundly fundamental and necessary about involving yourself with a place where people care about others; it cannot help but alter your perceptions in a positive way. The more you delve in, the deeper the personal reward. 

The Y is for everyone. Our programs, services and initiatives: enable kids to realize their potential, prepare teens for college, offer ways for families to have fun together, empower people to be healthier in spirit, mind and body, prepare people for employment, welcome and embrace newcomers and help foster a nationwide service ethic. And that's just the beginning. On a national level we focus on the three key areas:

Beyond this wide scope, this particular YMCA has an amazing relationship-building capacity. The staff and board work together to build collaborations in our community that serve those who need us the most. And we have fun doing it!

Whether you’re here to exercise your way into better health and a different pant size or simply want to find an excellent swim lesson for your child, you’ll feel the difference.  Guaranteed!

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